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Funding Awarded for Hospitality Credential

Over the past several months the Gateway Initiative has been collaborating with the Alabama Community College System and the Alabama Restaurant & Hospitality Association (ARHA) on a short-term training credential intended for entry-level hospitality workers.

“We are very excited about this credential because it is truly a business-driven model,” stated Tyler Brunson of the Gateway Team. “Employers from across the state were interviewed to provide input on the basic skills needed for successful entry-level hospitality employment — the end result being something quite special.”

The credential combines basic job preparedness skill development with competencies needed for entry-level success, including Gateway to Great Customer Service OSHA 10 for Hospitality, Cost Control and Human Resource Management.

“Our goal was to produce a credential that would give individuals a leg-up on being hired for quality jobs offered by quality companies,” said Dr. Josh Duplantis, Dean of Workforce Development at Coastal Alabama Community College. “We feel we did a good job listening to employers’ needs, and hiring people with this credential will aid in setting new employees on a strong path for career success.”

ARHA has received $1 Million from the American Rescue Plan to offer the training for this credential across the State of Alabama. The first 700 individuals trained in south Baldwin County will receive the training tuition-free; regular tuition is $495 per individual. Please email Ed@gatewayinitiative.comor if you have any questions or are interested in this training.


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