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Chambers Partner for Mental Health Training

Gateway Initiative completed three Alabama Workforce Stabilization Program grants for the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, the Coastal Alabama Business Chamber, and Baldwin EMC for employees to be trained and certified in First Aid Mental Health. "The facilitator was very informative and engaging. This training takes real workplace experiences and relates them to difficulties one might be facing if going through a situation or crisis effecting their mental health," said Donna Watts, President and CEO of the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce.

Classes can range from 10-30 people, and is recommended to be done blended (two hours pre-work online, and about 6 hours instructor led). The target audience is for supervisors and managers, and it is strongly encouraged to include anyone who is a leader in your organization in any formal or informal capacity. The VitAL team is happy to provide as many training groups to your organization as needed.


Click here to read more on the course content:

Click here to read more and apply. Gateway investors can reach out to Tyler Morgan directly and she will take care of this process for you.


If you are not a Gateway Investor, simply complete the top part of the application and add “For MHFA only” to the textbox at the end. You do not need to complete anything about OJT or New Employees, just your company information. Send your application to and it will be processed. Once approved, you’ll be contacted to schedule training. You will never see any invoice or have any other hoops to jump; you’ll simply receive MHFA training.


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