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Workforce development

Gateway Training Academy

A major objective of the Gateway Initiative is to continually search out professional development training opportunities for our investor businesses and organizations. The Gateway Training Academy (GTA) brings world-class training and process improvement opportunities to small and large businesses, and across a variety of industry sectors.  Through partnerships with Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT), Alabama Technology Network (ATN), and Auburn’s Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) Gateway is aiming to improve the workforce in south Baldwin County for the betterment of the whole community, locals and visitors alike!


Recruiting & Hiring

Take Advantage of Local Annual Hiring & Career Events!

For Employers

The Gateway Initiative in partnership with the South Alabama Workforce Development Council (SAWDC) manages the workforce development efforts of South Baldwin County. A dedicated SAWDC Project Manager provides cluster management, project coordination, case management/tracking, and maintains persistent attention to the workforce needs of the employer members.

Regional focus areas include: Hospitality & Tourism, Advanced Manufacturing & Construction, Aviation & Aerospace, Healthcare, and Maritime.

Business leaders from each focus industry are encouraged to participate in regular consortium meetings to ensure that training programs are established and remain current to satisfy industry needs and to develop collaborative recruitment strategies.

  • Get involved in local education programs 

  • Skills and certifications are available locally - find local talent right out of the classroom

  • School and program sponsorship opportunities (check out which programs are closest to your business) (link to career tech programs by school document)


For Students / Parents

Baldwin County offers a variety of High Demand / High Wage Jobs right in your backyard, including relevant training programs for these jobs. If your child is interested in learning more about these programs, contact Our Team or reach out to the career coach at your student’s school.

Learn more about career opportunities and focus areas in our region:

Hospitality & Tourism

The hospitality industry is one of the key clusters in Southwest Alabama. This cluster employs highly-skilled workers in the region who earn on average $69,500 with a high school education or higher. Alabamians whose first job was in Hospitality and Tourism obtained an average career salary of $81,900. Hospitality and Tourism supports roughly 60,000 jobs in Southwest Alabama.

Check out the industry snapshot below and the career pathways in resort and hotel management as well as culinary arts and restaurant management for more information about a career in Hospitality & Tourism:​

Hospitality & Tourism Industry.jpg
Job Board - CULINARY.png
Job Board - RESTAURANT (2).png

Panini Pete has traveled the world cooking for all kinds of folks. He wasn’t an overnight success though. How did he get there? Join us for some real wisdom of how to get to where you want to be in this week’s Baldwin Story. 

Advanced Manufacturing & Construction

The manufacturing cluster in South Baldwin includes a wide range of advanced manufacturing, HVAC and recreational marine companies. Process manufacturers in the region include leading producers of aluminum, chemicals, and related products.  HVAC companies are numerous in the region and thrive on the needs of the hospitality and tourism industry.  Recreational boating companies encompass yacht service and repair as well as recreational and fishing vessels.

With South Baldwin being part of one of the fastest growing MSAs in the country the construction industry here is booming. Single-family housing, apartment complexes, vacation homes and condominiums are under construction throughout South Baldwin with strong employment projections for decades to come. This cluster employs highly skilled electricians, mason, carpenters who are in high demand earning a great living wage and beyond.​

Career Pathway - AUTOMOTIVE (1).png
Job Board - CONSTRUCTION.png

Aviation and Aerospace

The aerospace industry is one of the key clusters in Southwest Alabama, and includes several of the largest employers in the region. This cluster employs highly-skilled workers in the region who earn above average wages. The aerospace industry bolsters the Southwest Alabama region's reputation as a leader in high technology and innovation.


Southwest Alabama is home to a vibrant healthcare community that includes not only health care providers but researchers and educators as well. The healthcare industry is a stabilizing force in the regional labor market that can stay strong and expand employment throughout the economic cycle. The healthcare cluster provides world-class treatment for residents in Southwest Alabama while also providing challenging and rewarding jobs.​

Job Board - NURSING.png


Gateway works hand-in-hand with Coastal Alabama Community College to promote their outstanding technical training programs.  New in 2022, is the Marine Technology program offered at Coastal’s Foley training site through adult education and dual enrollment. This is a program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair outboard, inboard, and inboard outboard engines; test, maintain and repair steering devices and electrical systems; repair metal, wood and fiberglass hulls and vessel components.

This is a career program designed for students to go directly into the labor market upon completion. 

For Educators

  • Career pathways COMING SOON!

  • Connect your students with local jobs - Contact Ed Bushaw or check out our local Job Board

  • Ready to Work

    • Ready to Work is a soft skills training program that provides participants entry level skills needed for employment for more information visit

  • AIDT Career Development Courses

    • Alabama Industrial Development Training is partnering with courses to provide Alabamians with a transformational learning experience that empowers you to thrive at your job, develop a new skill, and drive positive change in your career development.  All courses are free of charge through December 2020.  For more information visit

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