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Croux Staffing: Shifts Given.

In August, Croux competed in a field of 11 finalists to earn $50,000 in non-dilutive funding in the Alabama Launchpad Cycle 2 2023 Finale. Alabama Launchpad, a program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA), partnered with Innovate Alabama to host the finale at The Park at Auburn University.

Croux connects talent with flexible work opportunities. Formed by founders from the hospitality industry, Croux leans on the idea that the future of the industry starts with better treatment of its people. Through flexible work and fast payment, it is serving those who serve.

“Hospitality was born here in the south,” Ryan said. “We want Alabama to be a place where it’s revitalized. Alabama Launchpad has allowed us to build Croux to, in-turn, rebuild the hospitality industry. We’ve filled nearly 6,000 shifts in the last 12 months and put about three quarters of a million dollars into the hands of hourly workers. Tourism and hospitality drive a big chunk of our economy, and we have to get it right. We bring the war stories and the understanding; it’s personal for us to get this right.”

On October 10th, Stewart Price, Founder of Croux, presented at Gateway and ARHA's Owner and Operator meeting. This mobile app efficiently connects hospitality workers with temporary staffing opportunities. The platform has proven invaluable for many businesses, helping them tackle staffing challenges and ensuring they have qualified personnel when needed. Check out this quick slideshow that showcases how they operate.

To further their mission in Baldwin County, they are extending an exclusive offer to the first 10 businesses in the area: a 12-month subscription credit to Croux, valued at $1200. This will allow them to experience firsthand the transformative effects of the platform.

Furthermore, they believe in the power of local networks and are offering Gateway, the Chambers of Commerce, and any business who connects them within the hospitality sector who could benefit from Croux's services a $250 referral fee as a token of their appreciation.

"Our aim is to ensure Baldwin County's restaurants, events, and other hospitality venues thrive with the best talent available. If you know someone or a business that could benefit, please don't hesitate to put us in touch," said Price.

If you'd like more information you can reach out to a Gateway team member, or to Stewart Price directly, at


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