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A&R Group is Elevating Hospitality Leadership

In a stellar example of corporate-academic partnership, A&R Group and Coastal Community College have crafted an innovative Hotel Operations training program, a strategic initiative aimed at fostering internal talent and paving the way for career progression.

This ambitious program welcomed nine internal candidates, handpicked for their potential and eagerness to grow within the hospitality realm. Over 20 hours of intensive online training, the course offered a rich tapestry of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, spanning conflict resolution, effective communication, sales strategies, and more.

A Synergy of Theory and Practice, The blend of online learning and practical experience was meticulously structured. The candidates immersed themselves in a day-long lab session at Home 2 Daphne, where they applied their learned concepts in real-world settings. This included unique exercises in housekeeping and front desk operations, designed to test and refine their practical skills.

What set this program apart was the active involvement of A&R Group's leadership. Leaders from various departments descended to engage with the candidates, sharing their experiences and insights. This included Jerry Dacquisto, Director of Human Resources, and James Holiday, Vice President of Sales. They not only imparted technical knowledge but also delved into leadership qualities and personal growth stories, inspiring the candidates to envision and strive for higher professional echelons. Snehal Adekar, the workforce development specialist, bridged the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, ensuring a cohesive learning experience. Under her mentorship, candidates explored various facets of hotel management, gaining hands-on experience and feedback. Brett, the General Manager of the hotel, supervised the interactive and challenging housekeeping exercise. This practical test was not only about cleaning and preparing rooms efficiently but also about embodying the service excellence that A&R Group stands for.

The highlight of the program was the graduation ceremony, graced by Garfield Campbell, President of Hospitality. His presence was not just ceremonial; it was an affirmation of the company's commitment to nurturing and recognizing talent. This ceremony celebrated the candidates' achievements and symbolized the beginning of their journey towards higher professional achievements.

This collaboration between A&R Group and Coastal Community College is a testament to the power of nurturing internal talent. By investing in its people and bringing together leaders to mentor and inspire, A&R Group has not only enhanced the skill set of its employees but has also set a benchmark in the hospitality industry for professional development. The program underscores the importance of continuous learning, leadership development, and the value of sharing experiences to foster a culture of growth and excellence in the hospitality sector.


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