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Gateway's Penny Hughey says it best, we are building tomorrow's workforce, today. In this video, Penny talks about education and how the Coastal Alabama Business Chamber and the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce serve as a bridge between K-12 students, teachers, and schools with our business community.

You know by now about Gateway's role as a sponsor with The Alabama Office of Apprenticeship and the concept of being an apprentice, but we are starting to break ground with the pre-apprentice model. In this video, Gateway’s Tyler Brunson breaks down what pre-apprenticeship means and how it works with information that is easily translated to our businesses, students, and community. Regardless of your career interest, age, or education level, these programs can work for anyone!

Gateway does a lot of things - and sometimes we feel like it takes a long time to explain all that we do. Join us as Ed Bushaw, Vice President of Workforce Development, explains a little bit about WHY our team focuses on building up our local workers through partnerships in our community.

You hear us talking a lot about "workforce" and how - recently - there's just not enough! One way Gateway is working to increase the number of individuals participating in the labor market is by exploring, developing and expanding child care options for working families in Baldwin County. Gateway's Sally Westendorf explains more in this Gateway Update.

CSU began with a notepad, business cards and $25. Join us again this week for the incredible story of courage and endurance that made Columbia Southern University what it is today.

Panini Pete has traveled the world cooking for all kinds of folks. He wasn’t an overnight success though. How did he get there? Join us for some real wisdom of how to get to where you want to be in this week’s Baldwin Story. 

A lot of people still ask Morrell Baxter what exactly she does as a Career Coach with the Baldwin County Board of Education. Spend a few minutes with us today for this week's Story and you'll find out about some of the amazing things Career Coaches do for our students here in Baldwin County.

Char Haber, owner of Wolf Bay Restaurants, shares a little bit of the story and history that has made this family–owned Baldwin County tradition the gem it is today.

Jeff and Aimee Frazier, owners of L A BBQ have found big success here in Baldwin County. We sat down with them for a few minutes to find out what they’ve been doing to guarantee that big success kept moving forward during Covid-19. 

Josh Duplantis, Dean of Workforce Development at Coastal Alabama Community College, shares about how they are partnering to expand several exciting programs in to the Foley area. 

We spent a few minutes with Dr. Matt Akin to find out more about Gulf Shores City Schools and what went into planning the launch of a new school system. We also got his insight on one of the most important factors in determining a child’s success.

Mayor Robert Craft has called Baldwin County home since he was 2 years old. From accidentally eating a sand dollar to helping us all get through the Oil Spill, he shares some of his memories that have made up a wonderful life. 

What is the Baldwin County Chamber Coalition and what do they do? Join us as leadership from all 5 Chambers of Commerce in Baldwin County and a few elected officials share how the group uses ONE VOICE to represent the common interests of local businesses on issues that matter the most!

What does the Gateway Initiative do for Baldwin County? A few of our friends wanted to share how the work Gateway Initiative does has impacted the work they do, and our community.

Brent Sexton and his wife Erika were school teachers visiting the area when they came across a restaurant for sale in the residential listings. They called home and resigned. Now, they are restaurateurs. Join us again for this week’s Baldwin Story.

Foley High School Principal, Russ Moore, has a long family history in south Alabama in the educational world. Russ shares his involvement and passion for education, including many great career development opportunities for our local students.

A former mayor of Foley and retired Baldwin County Probate Judge, Tim Russell, shares his firsthand experiences on the rewards of serving others, the quality of growth in our area, and the secret ingredients that make South Baldwin County special.

Emilio Urban of Fairhope, Alabama, has experienced firsthand how the Gateway Initiative's apprenticeship program can be a pathway to reach career goals. His love of food and passion for success made him a perfect fit to become an apprentice with the Safari Club in Gulf Shores.

Sue Sanders, CEO of the YMCA of South Alabama, shares about the hardships they are facing in opening again after Hurricane Sally. The lives that have been impacted by the YMCA of South Alabama can't be measured - they need our help to continue serving our community.

We’re very proud of our own Ed Bushaw for winning the 2020 AlabamaWorks! Innovator Award for Region Seven. The honor recognizes Ed’s effort and collaboration with education and industry partners to develop the first hospitality and tourism registered apprentice program in the State of Alabama. 

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Boyd Little this week to find out more of the story behind Oak Hollow Farms. What we ended up learning was there sure are a lot of life lessons from growing up farming. Such as, when things get hard, you just keep plowing one row at a time.

A Hawaiian native and now local resident of South Baldwin, Wesley began his career in hospitality as a teenager with one goal; to buy his first car. Now, it’s about being engaged in the community, and creating opportunities for employees to find “work-life” balance... “because life is short and let’s face it: we spend a lot of time at work…"

Sheriff Mack knows some great stories about Baldwin County. This week, he shares about how the county seat ended up in Bay Minette, the Alligator King and how those NYC Detectives ended up at the beach.

Chad Leonard and his family had a 2 year plan when they moved to Baldwin County. That was 14 years ago. This week we visit with Chad to hear more about his life and his role with Honours Golf.

Have you heard of or been out to the South Alabama Mega Site? The South Alabama Mega Site is a 3,000 acre, shovel-ready site in Alabama’s fastest growing county. Lee Lawson fills us in on Baldwin County’s long game.

Sometimes you can’t help but follow in your parent's footsteps. Like his dad, Mark Wright is back on the corner in downtown Foley. If you’ve never watched the first Baldwin County promotional video from the 1950s, you won’t want to miss today’s story, co-starring James E. Wright. 

Today, Scott Bannon gives us an update on the 2020 Snapper season and some of the benefits to our area that go along with it.

We spent a few minutes with Rick Conway, a Commercial Lender at Centennial Bank, finding out more about PPP and what folks should be thinking about as business begins to return to normal. Rick fills us in on how to be best positioned with your PPP loan and how to prepare to seek new funds if you’re looking at growing your business. 

Jennie Campbell strives to provide experiences at Stewart Lodges at Steelwood, the kind you always remember. She’s also a true believer in being passionate about people and genuine connections. What are you passionate about?

We had the pleasure of spending a few minutes with Tommy Lee, CEO of Vulcan, Inc. Tommy shared a little bit of trivia with us as well as sharing the story behind how Vulcan made the move years ago to Baldwin County. 

Josh Duplantis, Dean of Workforce Development at Coastal Alabama Community College, shares about how they are partnering to expand several exciting programs in to the Foley area. 

From deep rooted industry to training for your employees to tax incentives, you never know what you might just find right here in your own backyard. Kyle Michael, with Plasmine Technology, shares a little local history with us as well as some of the benefits of business in Baldwin County. 

Today we take a deep dive into Covid-19 with Dr. Richard Powers. Dr. Powers played a key role in advocating for local mental health during the oil spill and has been a strong ally of our area for many years. Dr. Powers talks about what the virus actually is, why it’s been so stressful, the psychological impacts and which advice out there we should be following.

Danny Spybey shares his thoughts and insight on a few of the challenges of reopening during this time. He talks about clear vision, customer care and safety.

We spent a few minutes with Dr. Matt Akin to find out more about Gulf Shores City Schools and what went into planning the launch of a new school system. We also got his insight on one of the most important factors in determining a child’s success.

If you asked Michelle Parvinrouh, Executive Director at Innovation Portal, what an entrepreneur is, she would tell you a problem solving opportunist. This week, we spent a few minutes with Michelle for an inside peek at the new Innovation Portal offices and to find out why they are so passionate about helping others live their dreams and find success. 

Charles “Skip” Gruber, County Commissioner for District 4, talks about this interesting journey we’ve been on over the past few months. He also reminds us how great it is to call the United States of America home. 

OWA’s Kristin Hellmich, Director of Marketing/PR, fills us in on all the things you can do at OWA as well what the Park has been doing to prepare for the big reopening announcement we hope to hear soon.

Chef Greg Buschmohle at the Safari Club has a story as unique as the restaurant itself. He started his first kitchen job in Detroit at 10 years old. We hope you join us again for this week's story.

We spent a few minutes with Chris Elliott, State Senator for District 32, talking about all of the hard work that has gone into getting small businesses back open in a responsible way. We also got some insight into the life of a stay-at-home dad during Covid-19. 

We spent a few minutes with James Ball, County Commissioner - District 1, to talk about how strong partnerships have lead to Baldwin County's successful navigation towards recovery. 

Blake Phelps, Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Gulf Shores, talks reopening. 

We sat down with Joel Hamilton, Director at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, and talked about his passion for the animals, people and why he does what he does. If you ever want to make a real connection with the wildlife, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is the place to do it. We hope you join us again for this week’s Story. 

Looking for a job? Look no further! SAWDC Alabama Works along with the Gateway Initiative team is hosting a Virtual Hiring Fair on May 18th and 19th. Sign up today to be interviewed virtually by your future employer!

Donna Watts, President & CEO of the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, shares about their new facility and how it will bring community partners together to build a better tomorrow.

Jenni Guerry, Deputy Director of the Emergency Management Agency for the Baldwin County Commission, shares about how the EMA works 365 days a year to help mitigate risks for our local communities. 

Ryan Shamburger grew up in Gulf Shores but a life of adventure called him West. California became his home base as he sailed the Pacific Ocean. There are few places on earth like Coastal Alabama so he returned home and co-founded Big Beach Brewing. Join us again this week as we share part of the story behind Big Beach Brewing.

Mike Thompson, the City Administrator for the City of Foley, discusses Sports Tourism and bringing the economy back in a safe way.

In today’s Daily Update Video, Orange Beach City Administrator Ken Grimes talks about the recent impacts to our local economy and moving forward together. 

Baldwin County Commissioner Joe Davis shares with us about what the county is doing as they reopen this week. Commissioner Davis puts it best, “getting paradise open again.”

Brian Harsany, Owner of Cosmo's Restaurant Group, spent a little time with us and shared how they've been helping employees and local schools over the past few weeks. Brian also shares how they plan to reopen safely when the time comes. 

What's your why? For Johanna Earthly Ramos, her why was birthed out of a beautiful tragedy. Kale Yeah!

Jim Bibby, General Manager of The Wharf, brings us today's update on how local businesses are dealing with Covid-19 and the importance of the local economy. 

Travis Valentine, on behalf of the Gateway Initiative and South Baldwin and Coastal Alabama Business Chambers: we miss your face!

Frances Holk-Jones talks about some of the things we might unknowingly take for granted here in Baldwin county. 

Greg Alexander, President of the Coastal Alabama Business Chamber, talks about the anticipated announcement this week from Governor Kay Ivey and the importance of fully reopening the economy in a smart and safe manner. 

Mayor Robert Craft has called Baldwin County home since he was 2 years old. From accidentally eating a sand dollar to helping us all get through the Oil Spill, he shares some of his memories that have made up a wonderful life. 

"Our community has this ability to come together and work together making us a resilient community." Michelle Hodges, President of SH Enterprises, shares her thoughts.

How are we going to get through this situation? David Worthington, owner of Magnolia Springs Bed & Breakfast, shares his thoughts on our Southern Hospitality and staying positive.

Ormand Thompson, President of Thomas Hospital, shares with us today about the outpouring of support they've received from the community and industry partners. He also highlights Thomas Hospital’s staff and their tireless work to serve Baldwin County.

Ed Bushaw, Vice President of Workforce Development for the Gateway Initiative, talks about developments over the weekend and what folks are doing as they get ready to move back to work. He also shares about several programs that could help your business and improve your employees in the process.

Donna Watts, CEO & President of the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, shares about her reassuring conversation with Congressman Bradley Byrne today and some of the things we have to be thankful for. 

"You can’t Google Covid-19 and find out when this is going to end…" but you can be prepared and ready for when things begin to reopen. Baldwin County Commissioner Billie Jo Underwood talks with us about what the county has been doing to help keep folks safe and helping them get ready to move forward.

How is South Baldwin Regional Medical Center handling Covid-19? What should you do if you think you might have symptoms? How is the morale of the medical staff? Daniel McKinney, CEO of South Baldwin Regional Medical Center, answers those questions and more in today’s daily update video.

Sally Westendorf introduces us to the Gateway Initiative's new effort to keep the local community and businesses updated with the most recent information related to Covid-19.

George Woerner has faced the hard times, but he never let it stop him. Two big events outside of his control led the family to digging deep and making the decision they were going to come back and be stronger than ever.

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