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Workforce Housing Survey

For nearly 10 months a team of tourism, chamber, workforce and education professionals have been working on a plan to bring critical resources to our area to enhance our workforce. We have prepared a proposal to request American Rescue Plan funds from the State of Alabama for a workforce campus in South Baldwin County. This campus will include short term rental housing for 2,000 people, an extended hour child care facility, a transportation hub, along with an education component to include a two and a four year college.

The Gateway Team is working with Opportunity Alabama to develop a comprehensive proforma for investment for the South Baldwin Workforce Development campus. As part of the data collection required, we are surveying employers to gather the following information:

  • Zip codes of current employees and those who worked in 2021 to determine commuting patterns

  • Data on housing currently provided or subsidized for employees by the employer including rents charged

  • Employers interest in subsidizing employee housing proposed on the South Baldwin Workforce Campus

"We are very pleased with the participation in our survey thus far" said Tyler Morgan of the Gateway team. "Our businesses have a keen understanding of the workforce housing shortage in South Baldwin and want to be part of finding a solution." Follow this link to complete the survey.


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