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Letters of Support

For nearly six months a team of tourism, chamber, workforce and education professionals have been working on a plan to bring critical resources to our area to enhance our workforce. We have prepared a proposal to request American Rescue Plan funds from both the Economic Development Administration and the State of Alabama for a workforce campus in South Baldwin County. This campus will provide dormitory housing for 2,000 workers, an extended-hour childcare center for 200 children, a fixed route transportation center and college training facilities. We have dubbed this project the South Baldwin Workforce Training Campus, and have attached a conceptual site plan for your reference if unfamiliar.

A critical element of our proposal is to include letters of support from businesses and organizations like yours to our county/state representatives and senators. CLICK HERE to access the sample letter of support. It is imperative to the success of this campus that you please send it to elected officials on behalf of your business. You will see highlighted areas on the letter where we ask that you please insert your logo, business name, and signature. To avoid asking you to edit and resend this letter to 9 different people, we have addressed the letter recipient as "Dear Representatives and Senators." Below are the links to each elected official's email who will be able to share our voices and bring this and fight for this American Rescue Plan funding in our community. Representative Steve McMillan - Representative Alan Baker - Representative Joe Faust - Representative Harry Shiver - Representative Matt Simpson - Representative Danny Garrett - Senator Greg Albritton - Senator Chris Elliott - Senator Arthur Orr - We thank you in advance for taking the time to understand this project's importance and ask our legislators to fight for this funding. Our community and economy as a tourist destination depends on it. If you know of businesses not affiliated with the Gateway Initiative or our Chambers of Commerce, please share and ask them to advocate with us!


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