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Gateway Staff Appointed by Governor to ACCCP

For the third straight year, the staff from the Gateway Initiative have been asked by Governor Ivey’s office to chair the Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster committee for identifying which occupations and career pathways are in demand at the regional and state level.

The Alabama Committee on Credentialing and Career Pathways (ACCCP) consists of 16 career cluster committees. They were established by the Alabama Workforce Council and annually identify regional and statewide in-demand occupations, career pathways, and credentials of value.

The outcomes of the program’s work will create financially sustainable aligned career pathway systems for youths and adults, increase the number of skilled workers with credentials of value to the labor market and create great cost efficiencies by reducing duplication of services.

The Gateway Initiative is charged with forming the makeup of the committee by recruiting a business leader from each of the state's seven workforce regions. Once established Gateway will convene monthly meetings to review skill competencies required from 9th grade through baccalaureate-level programs offered in the state.

Regional representatives are required to seek input from hospitality and tourism business leaders in their region and report back to the committee.

Organizational meetings are being held during the month of March with recommendations to the governor due by November 15, 2023.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Governor’s office once again to lead this effort for the Hospitality and Tourism industry of the state”, said Ed Bushaw of the Gateway Initiative. “Through this effort, we have added positions to the in-demand occupations recognized by the state and have added more than 12 credentials of value in the last three years”.

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