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Gateway's Bushaw named to State Committee on Credential Quality & Transparency

Dr. Nick Moore, Director of the Governor’s Office on Education recently offered an appointment to Ed Bushaw to represent the state’s Hospitality & Tourism industry for the Alabama Committee on Credential Quality & Transparency (ACCQT). The committee is charged with providing an annual list of credentials of varying degrees of value to Alabamians seeking a solid path to a successful career.

“My job will be to seek input from Hospitality and Tourism professionals from around the state to gather their ideas on what credentials should be offered in our schools for students pursuing a career in this dynamic industry. We need to listen to the voice of the customer, and the customer of education is our employers”, said Bushaw. “Our Gateway team has a strong relationship with the staff and board members of the Alabama Restaurant & Hospitality Association who will work hand in hand with me on identifying industry businesses to participate.”

The ACCQT is bolstered by $25 million of additional funding included in the 2023 Education Trust Fund Budget to help schools and colleges and career readiness indicators currently available to students.

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