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Collins Aerospace Joined Gateway Chairman's Circle

This past May Collins Aerospace in Foley joined other Gateway investors at the Chairman's level. “We have had several meetings to discover various business solutions we can offer Collins,” said Tyler Morgan of the Gateway team. Collin's primary objectives with Gateway are to network with other businesses in the community, make a significant impact on the education and training of young people interested in the aerospace industry as a career, and offer world-class professional development to the staff members.

The Gateway team has brought several resources together to make an immediate impact on these objectives. Morgan continued, “We are in the process of scheduling industry tours with our South Baldwin high school students with Collins featured in the Aerospace field. We are also arranging speaking engagements and recruitment events on their behalf”. In June, the Gateway team arranged for a representative from TransfrVR to make a presentation on how they could develop VR applications that would assist in the line-level training of staff members. Gateway has also arranged for Auburn’s Business School Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) to come to Collins and conduct an assessment of professional development training goals. As with many other investors, the Gateway team will work with various state agencies on grant opportunities to make this training affordable.

According to Ed Bushaw of the Gateway team, “Career and upward mobility opportunities abound in the aerospace field. Collins provides great opportunities for entry-level and professional positions with excellent training and an emphasis on upward mobility and career advancement. We are proud to partner with Collins to advance the training and development offered to their employees and to assist with employee recruitment.”


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